Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Body in Raigarh

Various television news channels are carrying reports on "the discovery of a body in Mr. Ajit Jogi's house at Raigarh." To set the record straight, I would like to submit the following:

  1. The house has been on rent ever since it was built some two years ago.
  2. The body was not found inside the house. In fact, it was lying in a ditch fifty feet outside the building.
  3. The present tenant of the house is one Mr. Ashok Tota, who is the proprietor of Ansh hotel. The General Manager of the said hotel, who is also the present occupant of the house, informed the police about the discovery of the body.
  4. According to the local TI, the body probably belongs to a vagrant. Postmortem is scheduled to be conducted tomorrow morning.
  5. The Jogi family has nothing to do with this unfortunate incident and any attempt to link our name to it is regrettable.

4 comments (टिप्पणी):

Remmish Gupta said...

We know bhaiya, it has nothing to do with ur family. It may be a vagabond or a beggar. Bt, as a prima facie and being 'premier paradigm', it'll be linked to ur family politically. And as usual, I'm sure, nothing will happen to u and true facts & picture will be broadcasted by the media later after investigation.
We are with u!

Sanjeet Tripathi said...

सिर्फ़ किसी के निवास के पास किसी शव के मिलने पर मालिक मकान का नाम जोड़ने के कयास लगाना वह भी तब जब मालिक मकान वहां स्वयं न रहकर किराए पर दे चुका हो, इसे क्या कहा जाए। आरोप लगाने वालों या बातें बनाने वालों के पास शायद मुद्दों का अभाव है!!

Anonymous said...

dr.raman singh ko jogi parivaar ke khilaf koi mudda nahi milta isliye murdo par rajniti karte hain...shame

Atul said...

Another political stunt by the ruling govt. Actually now they are falling short of any (forged) matters by which they can (try to) bring disrepute to Jogi family. Hence they are highlighting this incident in a very wrong way.
God save our state from such people!!

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