Thursday, October 26, 2006

POETRY: (A) Liable (translated from Hindi)

Note: In the translation, I have put the poem’s context in a distant past. The reason is simple: verses for the Hindi came to me while I- the man ‘in a box of wood’- stood in the courtroom. The English translation was done when those verses, once alive, had become stilled, in the solitude of my cell. [Photograph below shows 'a poet in court', courtesy The Hindu Newspaper]

Caught in a web of words
A worried man once stood
In a box of wood:
Drunk in Silence’s Embrace.

If he heard something, he nothing said
If he said, nobody anything heard:
The why O why
Did that Man’s shadow-
Like Moon fallen from the Sky
Upon a River of Tears- by itself flow
Through terrified vales
Of terrible tales?

As if he had known
From Centuries before
Destiny’s Destination.

Raipur Central Gaol,
March 3, 2006

3 comments (टिप्पणी):

Anonymous said...

Very should have a collection of your jail memories compiled as a book set.Afterall, these are your precious memories.
Any specific reason that you add one at a time....



Amit Aishwarya Jogi said...

thanks for your kind words. the reason for not publishing them all at once is quite simple really: i don't know how to upload most of the poems - anthologized as 'deewaron ki dhadkanein'- since most of them are in hindi- !

Anonymous said...


You definately seem to be a very deep reflects thru your writing.

I will not be surprised if you turn out to be story writer someday.You write sometimes as if these are various scenes of a play/movie.

Ever thought of writing one?? LOL.

After reading your little note, i watched "Transamerica" again......felt closer to the movie more than the first time. I found the most touching scene as when Ms. Huffman steals food and the Kevin sleeps around to earn quick money.Marvellous! Bravo!

Recommend me some more interesting movie like Transamerica if you come across.

With that....more later.


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