Friday, October 06, 2006

Notice: The Friedrich August Von Hayek Society

The Friedrich August Von Hayek Society (FAVHS) is a recently launched community on Orkut for those "Libertarians" influenced by the ideas of the Austrian thinker Friedrich August Von Hayek, and how they can be applied to shape the common and separate destinies of the world, particularly nations of the so-called Third World; and who share a critical belief in:
'FREEMARKET' (Ending of all existing trade-related, ideological and political 'hegemonies' in both national and international regimes);
MINIMUM GOVERNMENT (Role of Government confined chiefly to the preservation of Peace necessary for the functioning of Freemarket);
WELFARE AS COLLECTIVE RATHER THAN STATE RESPONSIBILITY (Increasing role of non-state actors in the creation and management of welfare-agencies);
ANTI-TOTALITARIANISM (The Protection and furtherance of the Individual's Right to Expression);
RECOGNITION OF MORAL STANDARDS IN INDIVIDUAL AND COLLECTIVE LIFE (To check the descent into Immorality on the false pretext of 'liberalism');
DESIREABILITY OF THE RULE OF LAW (Establishing Safeguards against Arbitrariness, particularly state-arbitrariness).

To join, click here.


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