Monday, October 16, 2006


Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, the UPA leader and Congress President, addressed a public meeting at the Rajkumar College Ground, Raipur on October 14 2006. This was her first visit to Chhattisgarh after the formation of the UPA Government at Delhi. In her speech, she categorically said that 'a new approach' is needed to address issues raised by Naxalism; she also stated that development of tribal regions, and not guns, are the solution to what is principally 'a socio-economic problem'. [This incidentally is the conclusion- and recommendation- made by the AICC Task Force constituted by her to study various aspects and possible solutions of the Naxalite issue.]

Most political commentators noted that Mr. Mahendra Karma, the leader of state-sponsored Salwa Judum (SJ), found himself isolated: not one person from the Bastar delegation, including the two Congress MLAs (Mr. Kawasi Lakma from Konta and Mr. Rajendra Pambhoi from Bijapur) whose constituencies have been most affected by the SJ-Maoist conflict, supported the continuance of the Union's (read: Ministry of Home Affairs) support to SJ.

What I would like to know of course is this: will the tribals be allowed to return to their villages, if and when they are permitted the option of leaving SJ base-camps, in which they continue to languish under the most inhuman conditions? For unless that happens, there can be no end to the madness that rages in Dantewada.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Amit

This is Shrinivas; from the same institution you belong to, yes JNU. Although we never met in JNU and in Chhattisgarh. I have been reading your comments and observations on Salwa Judum and the status of Congress party in Chhattisgarh. I think its is absolutely true that salwa Judum has been a desperate attempt by the present government to show that it can govern in Bastar. However i would like to deliberate with you over the kind of dilemma in which the congress party is in. Its not only salwa Judum but the other issue of public interest that stands. In a representative democracy like ours one would expect from the opposition party to come up with vigor, solid arguments and in visible action to counter the wrong doing of the incumbent government. The issues coming out of implementation of NREGS, the conscious attempt to undermine panchayat raj institutions by not taking any steps on the national roundtable resolutions on strengthening PRIs, Progress of implementation on theMOU signed between the MOPR ( Manishankar Ayar) and the Chief minister of Chhattisgarh , the way ambitious scheme of urban renewal such as JNNURM has been handled in Chhattisgarh. Unfortunately i did not find any state congress leader speaking with necessary facts and information on these and other issues of common interest except Salwa Judum ( i understand it is an important issue to raise and resist). Although i know Mr. Ajit Jogi raised some issues but i think as a MP he did enough he could do. What about the MLA's and the organization that has the duty to be vigilent on issues of public interest. I am not so sure if most of the people running the affairs of the organization (Congress) in Chhattisgarh are intellectually capable of taking battle to the other half. Don't you think that the PCC needs to be in place as soon as possible and with members who have that depth and understanding of the issues, policy matters and a big heart to go to the masses? The kind of lethargy that had stagnated congress till recently has just been broken by the visit of Sonia Ji. The event however was not a good show on part of office bearers of the congress party. I personally think Charandas Mahant should come up with bigger heart and space if he really wants to emerge as somebody who can lead organization, small and pity interest will not take congress very far in near future and if the things persist like this it would be catastrophic for the congress party. I think Mr. Ajit Jogi should intervene and should take up the burning issues ( other then Salwa Judum ) to expose this government and bring all progressive brains in the party to a platform that can deliver a good knock out punch to the incumbent government.

Lets hope it happens, sooner the better

Best Wishes

Shrinivas Rao

Anonymous said...

Well Amit I honestly doubt if the government is serious about looking at another method of engaging the Maoists.

Their present strategy that the security forces are implementing is to eliminate the top leadership thinking this will create a vacum and the demoralised cadre will disperse once their leaders are gone.

But it is not going to work
It is only going
to harden the resolve and will only drive
them towards adopting more violence.

I think we need to watch Nepal carefully and depending on how things pan out there a similar
process could be initiated in India.

On whether the tribals who took part in Salwa Judum should be allowed to come back to their villages ?

I honestly don't know
Far too much blood has flown for people on
both sides to forgive and forget so easily .


Anonymous said...

All of us who think SJ is wrong should come together and evole a stratgy to influnce both Congres and BJP to change their methods of fighting Maoists. We had a meeting on 17th evening at Nandini Sunders house on this issue and decided to have a larger meeting on 6th November to form a group in Delhi. I sugest you get in touch with Nandini.

Jayaprakash Rao Polsani

Anonymous said...


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