Monday, October 30, 2006

A NEW ME: Ten Prescriptions for Changing Myself

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A dentist-friend recently emailed me a few prescriptions on how I should go about changing myself. Not surprisingly, he holds me singularly responsible for my father's ouster from office. [Papa's government was voted out of power from Chhattisgarh in December 2003: thus began our family's over three-year long 'winter of discontent'.] As things stand, he is not alone in thinking so: Ms. Saba Naqvi, writing for the Outlook magazine, described it rather succintly as 'son-stroke'. I am taking the liberty of publishing these prescriptions followed by the ATR (action taken report) in brackets. I hope that readers of this blog will be gracious enough to offer similar constructive suggestions of their own.


1. Change your photo of a dreamer to a smiling one in your blog site.[What do you think of this one?]

2. Don't write too much on your site, keep it short and simple - so that people can understand and correlate you with themselves. [Visitors will note that posts have gotten shorter, and the language simpler]

3. Don't project yourself to be a cut above the rest - example your favourite movies, music or books you have read/written, to tell you bluntly - no one is frankly interested, all your Orkut friends will try to flatter you, citing your vast knowledge. You should try to project yourself as a normal human being, with whom people can resemble themselves. People of Chhattisgarh don't understand French, they understand Chhattisgarhi. [Interests are listed to form associations with like-minded people; nothing else]

4. Try to win peoples heart rather than trying to brainwash and hijack the brain of 'Boley - Bhaley' people of Chhattisgarh. [How does one win people's hearts? I thought the best way to go about it was by being absolutely honest: telling precisely what I feel. This is what I've done in my blog.]

5. It is not necessary that you serve the people of Chhattisgarh if/when you are in power. When in opposition, your voice is heard more, and seems to be genuine, it's the right time for image building. [Totally agree]

6. It will look as opportunist when you start saying something just 1 year before elections, people's memory is not short, esp. in Chhattisgarh. [Yes]

7. Explain/Describe 1 point at a time, in simple manner to the people, to make it reach their heart. This mistake was done by your father too, I think, so much was tried to explain to people in such a short span, that always it went over their heads. In his first term itself, he opened all his cards. The upper caste people became afraid for their existence in the state. [see point no. 2]

8. No doubt you raise voice for tribals in the state, what about people of other communities, who have worked hard and grown here. If you are a projected leader of Chhattisgarh, you have to represent everyone. Raise voice for upper caste people too, sometimes they are also deprived of justice. [Yes: when specific instances of injustices are brought to my notice against anyone, including people from 'the upper castes', I make it a point to raise it. See for instance, the blog entry on 'A Killing in Dornapal', which describes the killing of a Bengali shopkeeper by a soldier of the armed forces]

9. Move in a two-wheeler, everywhere in Chhattisgarh, (except Bastar) [For a variety of reasons, I am not allowed to drive. Also, I don't own a car. So I have to depend on friends for my transportation needs. Despite warnings to the contrary, I do not have security. The two-wheeler idea does sound good though, if my family- especially Papa after his accident- will permit me]

10. Time is less, Congress is fast loosing ground in Chhattisgarh. It is getting 'Disconnected' and 'Disoriented' from the common man at a fast pace. The Kauravs have again started spreading propoganda at public places against Congress. Who else except you, has to rise, seize the opportunity and show people the way...[If anything has to be done, we have to do it together. I cannot do it alone. I realize my limitations]

to be continued..

8 comments (टिप्पणी):

Hitendra said...

Congratulations! Cause you have taken positive actions in most of the cases. A very new kind of an ATR!

Since you asked for suggestions:-
Is such a blog in Hindi is Possible?

Amit Aishwarya Jogi said...

@ Hitendra:
Actually I've been wanting to publish in Hindi for sometime. However the dismal fact remains that I simply don't know how! The problem is that I am on a mac os and most of my transcribed Hindi writings are on windows. I've asked Anoop Saha, an IItian from Bacheli, to help out. Do you have any suggestions?


Anonymous said...


Was bit surprised to see these points.......Really you dont have to bother what people write.

We as Indians has this notion of being liked by everyone and having a best friend in everyone.

Pluuzzzz......those days are gone.I am glad that you have taken some of the given feedback in stride and have struck them off from "Agenda List". But really, you shouldnt care for some random person remarks.

Liked the new picture posted.Its pleasant to see you smile and not engrossed in your own thinking.

With that



Amit Aishwarya Jogi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Amit Aishwarya Jogi said...

Dr. S.F. (007!) has summed up as well as anyone the constituent ingredients of what I call the 'demonization' of my public profile. I reproduce his latest 13-point chargesheet for precisely this reason:

"1. All your friends and advisers are/were from outside the state.
2. The public never knew where AJ lived/ or knows now.
3. Your infamous 'Mitr - Mandali' of Aakash Channel, the late night parties and ofcourse Aakash Channel itself, where everyone was trying to intimidate other pointers to join them, citing your name.
4. Your takeovers of factories, houses, hotels in Raipur, Nagpur etc.
5. Your forceful inductions of people, in your party, including the defection of 13 'Kaurav' MLA's.
6. Judeo tape case, where your name is still suspected.
7. The never ending murder trial which you are facing right now.
8. Your passport and citizenship controversy.
9. Your caste controversy.
10. You had spent no time in Chhattisgarh before, and you suddenly started 'Preaching' people here like a Church's Father. How could have people accepted you so soon?
11. Whatever was left, that also very slowly 'drifted' away with 'MLA bribing' scandal' .
12.People here are not surprised, how 'The Father Of Chhattisgarh's Controversies' urf - AAJ- has not embroiled into a new one for some time, as they know that 'AAJ' was busy - peacefully doing 'modern art crayon paintings' in prison - 007,
13. by the way your new photo is blurred and smells of some deliberate and hidden reason."

Taking KM's advice, I shall not respond to these frivolous rumours, which 007, for equally frivolous reasons, presumes to be true.

To set the record straight, the only 'deliberate and hidden reason' for my photo being blurred is because I do not have a scanner: a positive is prepared using the mobile phone camera and then transferred via bluetooth to the computer. However this solitary remark has confirmed my belief that the good doctor 007 is pathologically chasing after putrid 'smells'- conspiracy-theories, ill-will, strife- where none exist.

The classical definition of 'paranoia' is when we displace our own feelings of insecurity (fear) into a system of thinking wherein we begin to believe that the whole world, including those closest to us, is out to get us. For his sake and mine, I shall hope I am wrong in my estimation.


Hitendra said...

I do not of MAC. But a very simple tool is BARAHA. This lets you type in Devnagari script while you type in Roman Spelings. This means you type A then M then I then T to write AMIT. The Link to Baraha is:-

Another Uncode version is:-

Dont know whether this works with MAC. but that typing is called "Transliteration" So, through a Transliteration eyboard, it translates what you type Roman Scripts to devnagari.

Another tool is Indic IME of Microsoft. but you can not use that one. While Windows XP has Unicode instaaled. You can download a unicode font through website.

Your stuff which is presently on MS plateform can be simply pasted on blogger if it is in Unicode.

For complete help on all kinds of solutions please visit:-

Anonymous said...

ou had 'thunderously declared' to everyone (including me) once, that your age is 27-28 when I had met you 5 years back. Surprisingly, in the last five years, your age has tortoised from 27-29 only (as is visible on your blog site), whereas it should have been in the range of 34-35 years. You may claim this to be another case of 'ill will', 'strife' and 'a false frivolous rumour', but this time, there are some 'witnesses' to your 5 year old proclamation - 007

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