Sunday, November 05, 2006

An Obituary in Hindi: काशीराम

This is the Hindi translation of my obituary on Late Shri Kashiram. I am grateful to Shri Shailesh Nitin Trivedi (of JAI CHHATTISGARH), Shri Amit Tiwari and Shri Agnihotri (of Naiduniya) for their suggestions.

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4 comments (टिप्पणी):

Anonymous said...

Amit Bhaiyya, you should fight election from somewhere in chhattisgarh and fight for ' people of weaker sections' in Chhattisgarh. 000

Anonymous said...


Liked your poems for Mrs. Jogi.Quite touching.

Didnt understand much of the obituary for Late Mr. Kanshi Ram....Not sure but last i had heard was that Mayawati had made him a prisoner etc and she is the culprit behind his condition....Any truth in there?
Quite curious to know.


Anonymous said...

hello bhaiya..u have got a very good quality of becoming poetic..
those "leher e alfaaz" which comes to u r really great..not everyone gets them to his mind..
please keep up the good work..and bhaiya one suggestion for u.
try to simplify the language of the postings on ur blog..there r many truths which r hidden from the public.ur blog can really help ppl to know the truth. so it should be easy for all to read it..

chayanika said...

You described the things very nicely. Its really painful that a big part of our society was not treated even as human being. but in present the main problem is that who got the success in dalit society, most of them don’t want to have any contact with the society.. n who r their leader most of them use them as vote. but I respect Kashi Ram because he tried to make them confident. I cant forgot his these words..'daliton ko aarachhan lene wala nahi dene wala banana chahiye' really that’s the spirit.. bt still I believe that, if people like Gandhi n Jyoti ba Fule who were not dalit but fight for them, will not come out from the society this struggle cant say complete.. its a struggle for equality, bt it should not b convert into a castist fight. it should b for unite the society not for divide.... any way conga rats for nice article..

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