Friday, June 11, 2010

BASTAR SATYAGRAHA: Padyatra through the Heart of Naxalite Territory

इस लेख को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें.
Last month, on 23rd May, we lit candles and walked through the streets of Raipur to pay homage to victims of Naxalite-related violence: clearly, that was not enough. Those who came to participate in the Peace March felt that something more should be done; something that would make an actual difference. What that something should be, they- we- couldn’t say.

It’s all very nice to hold seminars & candlelight procession on the ‘Naxalite Problem’ in Raipur and Delhi. More than anything else, I believe they help to sensitize public opinion, especially among the Speaking Classes, who in turn give utterance to long-suppressed voices. But unless and until one really experiences for oneself what it means to live like the tribals caught up in the Madness of Bastar- to undergo the same anxieties that they go through every minute of their precarious existence, not knowing which bullet or bomb, whether CRPF, SPO or Maoist, would claim them, and their loved ones- any attempt at finding a Solution would ultimately be meaningless.

I intend, therefore, to do exactly that: alongside 40 of my fellow unmarried youth colleagues (ed.- the number has increased exponentially since this post was published), volunteers representing every district of Chhattisgarh, I shall walk again, this time through places most ravaged by violence. We will do it quietly, without fanfare and without publicity. Our sole object is simply to listen to what people living in these places, especially the youth among them, have to say. That, however, is easier said than done.

The people, in particular the tribals, aren’t quite ready to speak-out what’s really in their minds and hearts. They’re afraid. Very afraid. It should be our endeavor, therefore, to make them as comfortable as possible: in other words, to win their faith. Like I said elsewhere, the only way to overcome Fear is by Faith. And going in a cavalcade of armored cars and making long public speeches in a language they cannot possibly understand isn’t exactly the best way to go about doing it. We must show them- and much more importantly, they must believe- that we Care.

On 19th June 2010, we will walk into their villages- and into their homes and into their hearts- as one among them; we will share the food they offer us and live in their houses. We shall go with no ulterior motive; we shall not pre-judge the situation and we shall certainly not point fingers; we will offer no solutions to their- our- problems. Instead we will listen very carefully to the solutions they have in mind, and do our very best to see that their voices are heard by those in power.

That, in my view, is the limited purpose of our Bastar Satyagraha: to begin a long overdue Dialogue.
I am uploading press clippings and posters about the Satyagraha here:

[Courtesy: Ameen Meman]

[Courtesy: Sandeep Sahu]

[Many thanks to Vinod Tiwari for the above designs]
The first phase of the Bastar Satyagraha will start at Dantewada on the morning of 19th June and end on the evening of 25th June with a Youth Meet at Sukama. We would be passing through Nakulnar, Nailawada, Mokpal, Bhusaras, Chingawaram, Korra, Munga, Marematka and Gadiraas with several unscheduled detours:

It gives me great pleasure to announce the DISTRICT-WISE NAMES OF SATYAGRAHIS who participated in the first phase of our BASTAR SATYAGRAHA. The names in Bold indicates those who took part throughout the 7-day, 106 kms Padyatra from Dantewada to Sukma. Others (not in Bold) were absent for less than 2 days. Remaining names have been omitted.

1. Vinod Tiwari (9406300000)
2. Abhishek Modi (9827446117)
3. Sandeep Sahu (94242100000)
4. Ashok Sonwani (9826647780)
5. Deepak Jaiswal (9993006143)
6. Sachin Awasthi (9300030903)
7. Amar Mishra (9754260011)
8. Yomesh Sahu (9229568315)
9. Nemichandra Patel (9669463118, 9926838778)

10. Sanjeev Shukla (9753554500)
11. Pradeep Sahu (9301285445)
12. Mahesh Yadav (c/o Sanjeev Shukla)
13. Shahbaz Hussain (07869236742)
14. Gulzeb Ahmad (9300266663)

15. Subodh Haritwal (9827937900)
16. Dr. Vivek Sharma (9977122883)
17. Ishwar Dongare (9406402468)
18. Lalu Manikpuri (9302430339)
19. Suraj Rathore (9907998446)
20. Devprakash Dewangan (9926127049)

21. Anand Pawar (9425214965)
22. Anurag Lal (9907990444)
23. Tamradhwaj Baghel (9753119299)
24. Ayub Khan (9406137786)
25. Durgesh Tamrkar (9827187008)
26. Vishal Tripathi (9301283000)
27. Teksingh Chandel (9589235777)
28. Gurdeep Bhatia (9907412397)
29. Santosh Singh (9329870048)

30. Mehul Maroo (9993337777)
31. Nawaz Khan (9406092886)
32. Ramu Chandravamshi (9179995163)
33. Pankaj Chandravamshi (9977982829)
34. Pappu Dhruve (9165243546)
35. Baldev Yadav (9977425827)
36. Amit Aishwarya Jogi (9424202648)
37. Avinash Sethi (9827494610)
38. Sameer Ahmad Babla (9981232786)
39. Satish Gupta (9300543765)
40. Ashok Rajbhar (9406305000)

41. Pappu Baghel (9303181256)
42. Abhishek Swarnkar (9770114419)
43. Dhananjay Kanwar (9009955454)

44. Vibhash Singh Thakur (9425251800)
45. Aseem Pandey (9755123555)
46. Santosh Gond (9329597373)
47. Ashish Jaiswal (9300003245)

48. Nitin Yadav (9669688888)
49. Ashish Gupta (9098888861)
50. Anoj Gupta (9425252942)
51. Surendra Choudhary (9425257039)
52. Imam Hussain (9926168300, 08109868300)
53. Karamchand Singh (9753319580)

54. Shivram Maharana (9406133668)
55. Neeraj Pandey (9098132401)

56. Poornachand Padhi (9425593201)
57. Deepak Gajendra (9584370709)
58. Vishnu Netam (9479024750)

59. Hemu Upadhyay (9425258302)
60. Anwar Khan (9425202516)
61. Saket Shukla (9425261625)
62. Vikram Singh Sardar (9425261197)

63. Harish Lakma (9406281777)
64. Durgesh (c/o Harish Lakma)
65. Girish Kashyap (9407717097)
66. Suresh Kumar (9406105525)
67. Naveen Korsa (9424279479)
68. Pankaj Yadav (9424286770)
69. Manish Rathore (9424287369)

70. Sanjeev Agrawal (9425204900)
71. Rajesh Agrawal (9425513875)
72. Yogeshwar Rao Gawte (9827189296)
73. Mohammed Ahmad (9691693594)
74. Abid (9300272561)

I thank each and every one of the Satyagrahis- and pray that we are all successful in our endeavor.
Many thanks also to Mr Manoj Trivedi for sharing these slides with me. In many ways, they capture the essence of what we're trying to do.

75 comments (टिप्पणी):

Anonymous said...

अमित भैया हम बस्तर सत्याग्रह में आप के साथ है, इस बस्तर सत्याग्रह अभियान से बस्तर में शांति वार्ता शुरवात होगी ,,,,,,,

Awasthi.S said...

Good going,
God bless the motto of the Yatra...

I will be with you in the march ...

Deepak Jayswal said...

bhaiya paranam main bhi aap k sath bastar dantevara daure main jana chahta hu.

संजीव तिवारी .. Sanjeeva Tiwari said...

सराहनीय सोंच है अमित भाई आपकी. हमारी निजी मजबूरियां हैं नहीं तो हम भी व्‍यक्तिगत रूप से आपके साथ होते. बस्‍तर में शांति के आपके प्रयास के लिए हमारी भावनांए सदा आपके साथ हैं.

Sudeep Sethi said...

you can do more....try walking the streets of Naxalite-densed area rather than walking streets of Raipur......:)

Rajesh Pagaria said...

at least a good beginning.... will give a right way forward

Pankaj Rungta said...


Veeru Popuri said...

i am wid u amit. . Prayer n a candle

Pradeep Joshi said...

Keep up the good work, Amit. Lead frm the front and bring abt a change

Prathibha Prahlad said...

all admiration for the initiative...made a fascinating read until the "June 19th, revered Leader" part.

Sandhir Kumar Boudh said...

we are also with you amit bhai

Ranjai Singh Rathore said...

Great work Amit, a good leader is need of the hour to save our country....check out in my fb Notes on "Inculcate Morals" and see if we can implement some part of it.

Deepak Singh said...

That is something commendable and an initiative in the right direction. A true mark of the vision and power of the youth. We are all with you.

Sanjeet Tripathi said...

shubhkamnayein ek nek uddeshya ke liye, bhale hi din aisa chuna gaya hai jis se rajiniti jahir hoti hai.....

kya media saath lekar chalenge?

Kashinath Sharma said...

sure amit you have to do lot for chattisgarh

Jacky Sancheti said...

for long term peace in all affected areas development n education r key issues.let us pray for it.

Sanjivee Elias said...

i wll be there for it..

Vidya Bhushan Rawat said...

I am very happy that you have decided to take up this challenge. Indeed it is the first political effort and my support to you for this. Please carry on the battle, we are together in this effort to strengthen democracy and rights of the tribal. This is a political battle and people like you should take up this challenge. Great news indeed. I wish you a successful journey. Definitely looking forward to see you again some day.

Kapil Purena said...

मैं इस पदयात्रा में शामिल होना चाहता हूँ...

Anand Xalxo said...

There has been a deep awaited need that someone should take up matter to right level and I personally appreciate your effort to bring this burning topic to one correct path. I again appreciate this brave effort. all the very best to you and the team members.

Dheerendra Yadav said...

i m very happy .

Rajeev Sahu said...

Its really a great thought & welcome step !!
Wish U All The Best !!

Ajay Sharma said...

clearly its not enough to lit candles alone.something more has to be done.

Salim Parvez said...

I would like to join you for the noble cause.

Anonymous said...

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Asif Memon said...

I am very happy to say that the procession of 40 members of unmarried youth through the sensitive areas of the naxal affected jurisdiction like Errbora ,Jagarmunda,Gangalur,Pamed,other than naxal unaffected areas like as Sukma,Konta,BIJAPUR,Geedam,Bacheli,on foot without car rally as like as common leaders are doing now a days by giving ordinary speech.Especially once again I convey my heartfelt greetings for this march fast rally,on the occassion of the great youth leader shri Rahul gandhi ji ,thanking you ,wish you all the best.

Devyash Tripathi said...

ab badlenge raajneetic pehloo !!!!!!!!

Balvinder Singh Chhabra said...

the new era is abt to begin... best of luck

Manish Bagul said...

Great work AMitji.

Ritesh Gujral said...

Amit Ji ....darr ke jeet hai. i wish i could be part of the Satyagrah but i am not eligible as i am married. my heartly wishes to you and youth congress

Pratik Bhatter said...

apka yeh prayash hamare janpratinidhiyo me nai ichashakti jagayega.

Jaspreet Singh Rajpal said...

all d best BigB wish u a very very good luck for ur road show

Butchi Koteswara Rao Kotha said...

all the best Amit ji.. jai hind

Lavesh Seth said...

u hv to rock the show amit best of luck ...

Samarth Awasthi said...

"this is good......
ma danteshwari is with u go ahead..."

Nitin Bhansali said...

thats great amit bhaiya, jai ho.

Shailendra Mishra said...

rock on amit )

Virma Ram said...

good luck jogi saab

Ashok Basoya said...

best of luck bhiya 4 u r yatra

Pavitra Tiwari said...

identifying real victims and generate some funds which should actually reach to the victims family........How to do that....u r better person to answer.....

Max Galstaun said...

Your idea for dialogue is most commendable. In the age where everyone picks up a gun to resolve any trivial issue your idea is a radical change from confrontational policies to policies of resolution and reconciliation.

One hopes that when you walk those miles, you will walk with your friends with your eyes and ears open to the desperate cries of our poor people. Digital image and audio recording are the extensions of your eyes and ears and cannot be erased or adjusted. Someone has to document the tragedy in all its aspects.

Those of us who watch our Home Minister with his eye for an eye campaign feel let down, because we know he is a man of great competence. The thousands of policemen he sends in to "fight" the terrorists, should also be given orders to root out corruption, repair the damages, bring relief to the poor, drinking water, food, medical supplies in abundance.

In the great Orissa cyclone, over one hundred thousand trucks from all over India drove to the affected area with relief supplies sent by brothers and sister from every corner of the land. Perhaps, we need another vision of those dimensions. THAT : 1 lakh vehicles move to the affected zones and in one huge gigantic effort wipe out poverty and corruption in one master stroke.

I will not be there to share the road with you, as I am out of Inida, and will reach in the first week of July. We wish you and all your friends every success.

Praveen Raj Singh said...

Amit bhai you are absolutely right tribals should treated with the touch of humanity .after a bad phase of life you vowed to active participation in social sector and work for downtrodden and underprivileged and you are doing same my cordial wishes for your movement

Kunwar Satyam said...

ajit jogi k putra ho ya apni alag pahachan hai..tay karo..

Javed Khan said...

amit sir aapke is kadam se bastar ko ek nayi disa milegi.hamari subh kamanaye hamesha aapke sath of luck sir kash mai bhi abhi jagdalpur me hota.aapke sath kandhe se kandha milakar chalta.ham jeetenge sir..all the best................

Manav Utthan Mission said...

केवल "उचित शिक्षा" का आभाव है...और जब तक "उचित शिक्षा" नहीं होगी तब तक ये दौर यूँ ही चलता रहेगा...
- सम्पूर्ण आनंद

Suresh Jain said...


C Ravi Solomon Bhonsle said...

Yes , you are very right. but the thing is though this movement will help them to know we are with them but then also we are unaware of the heart. why not also this to be included as to give them space for the educated youth to express their view by distributing a bill with some post box no..... where they could write their exact situation in the letters or even post cards with the post box no. motivating them communicate with us.this would rather help us to know what exactly should and could be done as a social activist and also government to know how to proceed.

we can also send opinion poll (their view)for military intervention thru sms with a specified automated no.

even motivate them to inform thru sms or post cards etc to inform the facts which may be we all are unaware of.

even we can motivate the ladies to communicate in their local language with us thru some process
unless we dont hear from them , they can be helped only 5%
once they are involved , automatically they get into the main stream.

as for what i believe some how or the other some of their relatives near by are mostly involved in the maoist groups which the family as a whole might not support or may have differance of opinion.

another point is this...may be they are ill informed of the facts that if they come for dialog after their naxalite movement is closed they will not be left off.

as america did in iraq and afganistan we should drop pamplets that we or the government is not an enemy but they can come forward to negotiate. the higher post holders may be misguiding the militants hence army helicopters can be used to drop letters in their local or hindi language into their area.directly

Sumit Dhawan said...

Respected Amit , I adore yr endeavour , India now needs youth energy. You , Koteshwara Raoji , Rahul Gandhi..bringing New Age Politics...politics of change , justice , development. All the best with you always in yr efforts...yr's Sumeet Dhawan

Nuthakki Radhakrishna said...

The best in the contemporary conditions and my whole hearted congratulations and best wishes but with a rider ,sorry , not for public relations or political gains.

Abhishek Agrawal said...

we need a true leader who is tangled with the roots of chhattishgarh very deeply , like ajit jogi . the state government is insensitive and has no control over the naxal menace .

Richa Mishra said...

par billi ka gala ma ghanti kaun bandhga?

Pradeep Pandey said...

thats great....but I cant understand your personal view regarding Naxalite frank is it as per central govt or some thing difrnt.Because I think delhi never understand the severty of this problem....they hav just TAAL-MATOL type of attitude about anti Naxali operations.but being victims of naxalism we should hav a straight view about the solution of this problem.Either.......Or........awaiting.

Amit Aishwarya Jogi.अमित ऐश्वर्य जोगी said...

@ Max Galstaun: Thank you for your very valuable suggestion. We will now be documenting our Satyagraha, both on audio and video. They will, I hope, indeed become our "ears and eyes" to the cries of a forgotten people.

@ C Ravi Solomon Bhonsle: It might be somewhat difficult to hold "snap polls" on what the tribals feel, in the manner suggested by you (SMSs, I fear, would be something of a rarity where we would be going). However, the idea about using postcards is very innovative indeed- and we would do our best to distribute questionnaires printed on postcards for the educated youth to answer and send to us, with the comfort that anonymity of such a communication would afford them. I would of course be happier if they felt comfortable enough to discuss things with us directly, mano a mano (face to face).

Md. Shoyab Dayala said...

ise kahte hain shero wali bat...

vibhash said...

jo amit bhaiya ki baat karega.......
chhattisgarh me wohi raaz karega.....

ab to virodhi netawo ko sochna hoga ki unhe virodh k alawa kuch nahi aata.
public k beech jakar raajneeti karenge wohi leader hota hai..
as like u bhaiya!

Javed Khan said...

sir i am javed khan x-pandit ravisankar sukla university N.S.U.I. pradesh mahamantri.from jagdalpur.sir aapse kuch kahana hai......aap bastar pravas par hai to pls.bastar ke congress leaders ki thodi khabar ligiyega kyoki bastar me congress ki lutiya dubane me inhi logon ka hanth hai.mai kisi perticular person ka naam nahi lunga kyoki mujhe lagta hai ki sare hi jimmedar hai.cahe wo varist congress se ho ya youth congress se aur ya fir n.s.u.i. se sabhi ne aapni aapni posts ka galat use kiya hai,aaj isi liye congress bastar me pichadti ja rahi hai.bastar ke leaders chunaw me haar ka thikra sri ajit pramod kumar jogi ji par phodte hai,par mere najar me haar ke sabse bade jimmedar bastar ke leaders hi hai..............................aap bastar prawas par ja rahe hai to pls.bastar ke congress leaders ka kuch kariyega jaroor nahi to wo din door nahi jab bastar se congress puri tarah saaf ho jayegi.................

RK Sutar said...

Why dont you demand to take strong steps against naxelites? Why do you not want to see army attacking on them? aadiwasiyon ko ashwasano ke jhunjhune thama kar vote bank banana theek hai kya?

Pradeep Solanki said...

Lage Raho Amit Bhai.........Yehi samay hai adivasio ko jannne aur samjh ne ka unke dukh dardo ko dur karne ki imandar kosis karo fir dekho kya kamal hota hai..... Best of luck.

Vivek Paul said...

you should do it in jagdalpur visit the victim family and support them

Abhinav Singh said...

thats the spirit to know the basic problems of poor people.wishing u gud luck..

Cyril Charles said...

Good cause for the humanity. Keep it up. yeh naxalites neh aam logo ki zindagi ko narak kar diya hai.

Tarun Goswami said...

good work bhaiya all congress members are with you....
best of luck....

Sudeep Sethi said...

Amit, ur idea is commendable. I wish u luck and hope u achieve what u walk for !!

Premlal Tandon said...

I very much like the idea of Mr. Amit Jogi to take the yatra. It is good for a local man to tour the place and talk to the people of the area and told to them that he will put their view to the authorities and he must try to see that some useful work must be done. I hope he will do well is his work with the help of his wiork force. I wish him all the best. I am very much distrub when people die just for nothing. They are mnostly innocent.,

Virender Baluni said...

The Political families supporting another elite political family. Shameless sycophants have no character,mettle and integrity. They only wish to worship the Emperor and wish to be worshshiped by lesser human (voters). Having such political creatures an impediment in the way of progress. Mr. Jogi learn to respect yourself and all others, sycophancy is bad, harmful to you, you only earn contempt through show of shamelessness.

Amulya P. said...

that is a very good thing you are doing...we need more congressmen to do this work...gandhiji too once went to champaran like this..his way of gaining trust was different..he taught them about hygine..but what you are doing too is very must try your best to learn as much as possible that day..if you feel you have not learnt must go back..again and villages and cities of india have given eachother the silent treatment for way too long

ps- why only birthday of rahul gandhi?..why not birthday of mahatma gandhi?

pps-do reimburse them for your food and other expenses..they are poor people and the prices are too high

Vinod said...

samay nadi ki dhara me sab kuch bah jaya karte hai
hote hai kuch log yaha jo itihas banaya karte hai.......
hum sabhi aapke saath hai

Abrar Hussain said...

bastar me cg ki janta aap k sath hai .....pure bastar me road ka jaal bichha k to dekhiye ....

Suresh Dalpath said...

Akhir Kab tak bhai.. Adiwasi Drinking water, basic education, ...Treatmant.. food to meet his ends??????? In Last more than 60 years.... how many election are fought and won in name of ADIWASIs..and god knows how many will be ..and still we blame nuxals for exploiting their sentiments...Its our faliure ...Man : WE i meam (indian Govt) could not deliver.... national parties never allowed to emerge the real local Adiwasi leadership... CAN YOU TELL ME ANY GENUNE ADIWASI LEADERSIP THERE IN CHATTISGARH.. I HAVE VISITED ALL DISTRICTS i HAVE NOT COME ACCROSS ANY NAME WHO IS KNOWN AT STATE & NATIONAL LEVEL.. PLEASE HELP ME FIND IF ANY..sO I CAN ALSO GIVE HIM A HAND OF HELP///

Ritesh Kumar said...

Good point raised but truth is that " Adivasis are used just for vote banks..and they will never be able to get what they are promised " & If they are made educated then political parties will not b able 2 fool them.. I feel Indian political system is just like hell..4 example Ruling party in CG "BJP"'' has no development agenda..their main aim is religion benefit.. Congress is more secular than BJP but personal gain and lots of maaramari is thr within the party which is harmful for State development.. so are other small parties.. m hell frustrated with d system.. People waste their most powerful weapon just for a bottle of wine..I don know why is this so difficult to rule the state.. do development and do lot of publicity.. no one can replace u.. n people will like u d most.. I cant digest how can politicians be so happy by seeing paid crowd.. !! I hope Amitji's Bastar Satyagrah will make some difference.. all d best !!

Saroj Sadawarti said...

every cg youth with u

सुभाष गजेन्द्र said...

बस्तर के विकास के लिए आपका सराहनीय प्रयास ....

shoyab said...

bastar satyagrah ... aapke is aitehasik kadam me hum aapke santh wahan ho naho par hamari duwae aap logo ke santh hain...

Dr.Hemant said...

amit bhai i am with u. i am in mp but with u.

Dr Hemant said...

amit bhai i am with u. i am in mp but with u.

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