Wednesday, November 28, 2007

BLUEPRINT: Building A New Youth Congress

This is a featurette on why- and how- the Indian Youth Congress (IYC), India's largest youth organization, can be made more alive to our times: it is, in some ways, an attempt to translate Rahul Gandhi's vision (as described in his speech to the AICC session at New Delhi recently) into reality. Suggestions and comments, as always, are invited.


Ideas of this presentation have been incorporated into a revised-draft for a new Indian Youth Congress Constitution. Please feel free to go through the text and comment.


3 comments (टिप्पणी):

Abhinandan said...

The presentation and your ideas are worth applauding. If they are practically implemented they will go a long way in increasing the reach of youth congress through out India.

'Goondaism' is often associated with any youth brigade, be if the IYC or the ABVP and there are reasons for the same.

The use of muscle power should be curbed and it should be a downward movement. Only if the leaders on the top pedestal discourage hooliganism and show of strength then only will the workers at the lower level move away from this trend.

As is said that action speaks louder than word, the IYC’ites should not just be restricted to taking out processions. They should be taught the notion of 'social-work' in the strict literal terms.

The youth should be roped in not just for the organization's benefit but for welfare of the country as a whole.

Hard work shows and its visible here. Nice work. Your innovative ideas have been clearly spelled out. Gives out what to expect from you in the of luck.


chithara said...

Dear Amith
I have gone through your video about to give a new dimension and vigour to our Youth Congress.great.........great ..........I hope Rahulji will consider your views and suggestions.All the best.

समीर सिंह चौहन said...

Dear amit bhaiya .....
Your innovative ideas have been clearly spelled out. Gives out what to expect from you in the best wishes

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