Monday, September 10, 2007


Over the past few weeks, commentators to Undertrial have suggested changing its look. In a month long multiple-option poll hosted on this Blog, almost all of the 90 odd people who voted were in agreement about reducing the length of the posts (76%) while also opining that the entries were, on the whole, “intelligent” (92%). Surprisingly few actually said that they were incomprehensible (17%).

Dr. N. Subba Reddy, a South Korea-based scientist, and Hitendra Singh, a Nagpur-based educator, found that the black & white contrast cast an avoidable strain on the eyes; on the other hand, Aman, a Jabalpur-based environmentalist, felt that the dark background was more in tune with ‘Undertrial’; Dr. Chayanika Uniyal, a Delhi-based youth activist, discreetly hinted at simplifying the language of the entries to make them more comprehensible to ‘the general reader’, who might otherwise be put off by big words; Atul Singhania, a Bangalore-based computer engineer, strongly felt that the title of this Blog must be replaced with another, since I am, technically speaking, no longer an Undertrial (after my acquittal by a Trial Court).

Dr. Saibel Farishta, a Raipur-based orthodontist and a sometime-amanuensis, advised that my “Lists”- of books, movies, music and cuisines that I like- not only cluttered the sidebar, but also smacked of ‘shameless showing off’. To drive home his point, he then quietly proceeded to delete all entries posted by him (during the one-month long period when I was in Jail) as well as my tribute to him, and in what can only be described as ‘a fit of rage’, he changed the password without bothering to tell me the new one, thereby preventing me from posting on my own Blog.

Whatever other illusions I might entertain, the message is clear: “change the look of this Blog”. To that end, I invite visitors- and commentators- to help me in my Quest to reinvent Undertrial to the satisfaction of its readers. Your comments would not only be welcome, but in light of what I’ve written above, they’ve also become absolutely essential for this Blog’s survival!




A. LISTS Removed from SIDEBAR. They can be read in the VIEW MY COMPLETE PROFILE Link. (courtesy Dr. Saibel)
B. Lengthy INDEX replaced with a new Label CLOUD INDEX (-do-)

2. CONTRAST REDUCED: BLACK background replaced with WHITE; Text in BLACK (courtesy, Hitendra Singh and Dr. Subba Reddy)

3. POST SUMMARIES with a READ MORE link rather than FULL POSTS appear on the MAIN PAGE (courtesy, the POLL)

4. The "DARK" UNDERTRIAL THEME continues (courtesy Aman):
A. White on Black retained in SIDEBAR TITLES

5. YOUR COMMENTS now appear on the MAIN PAGE (my way of saying THANK YOU!)


PS- ATUL, I can't think of a new title. Can you?

7 comments (टिप्पणी):

amit tiwari said...

My only advice : Don't follow any advice.
You enjoy total freedom to forget this advice too.

About Dr Saibel, I wont speak a word against; Important reason: he is a very good friend of mine, more important: I am in need of a dentist these days. :)

Trust me on this, this blog will survive regardless of its skin. The writings are intelligent and much needed for an inferior human like me.

amit tiwari said...


Frankly, this is the only blog that I am jealous with. I would gladly get into exchange of this blog with my own, if the blogger permits.

Jokes apart, it's a fabulous blog. Your writings makes it respire.


Remmish Gupta said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Remmish Gupta said...

In acordance with Amit Tiwariji, I would like to give no advice but one thing I can proudly mention here that this blog requires no skin to survive. It's so affluent and informative linguistically that it can easily be differentiated from others. The most imperative part of the blog is that the readers enjoy reading it.

Tiger said...

Something not for the Article you wrote.. But something regarding the hot stuff on your Comment Section.. Thats "Advice"

Mark the Good Advice..

And that would come to you from someone who has been with you since you were born.. and through your "Undertrail" days.. He says.. A wise man will hear, and will increase learning.
(Prov. 1:5)
And he would surely be with you in everything you do..

As I said that A change is always better.. and as you believe that Variety is the Spice of Life( Written in French in your Profile).. This new skin is Welcomed..

I am regular reader to your blog..

Keep posting..

My best wishes..



हितेन्द्र said...

धन्यवाद, सलाहों पर आपके सकारात्मक कदमों के लिये! ये सही है कि आप सलाहें मानने, न मानने के लिये स्वतंत्र हैं, यदि सलाहें मानी जाएँ तो पाठकों को खुशी ही मिलती है।
सफ़ेद रंग की पृष्ठभूमि के अलावा टिप्प्णी के डिब्बे में हिन्दी भाषा का उपयोग पाठक वर्ग के लिये अच्छा है। I believe this blog has some target readers. And, for those these changes are heartly welcome.

P.S.:- I have shifted to Pune to pursue Human Resources management in a B-School here.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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