Monday, July 30, 2007

Village Diary Preview: Pictures from Tala

Note: I am grateful to Mr. SNT, Mr. Anuj Sharma and Mr. Ardhendu Mukherjee for the following photographs from their one-day visit to see me at Tala; Dr. Saibel Farishta has written his account of the trip, which can be read on his blog.

L-R: SNT, Saibel, Self, Ardhendu at the entrance to the Garba Grha of the Devrani Temple, 29.07.07

Rudra Siva as seen by Ardhendu Mukherjee, 29.07.07

A Room with a View: A Donga on the Maniyari

Self aboard the Donga (also seen: the MLA Mr. Siyaram Kaushik's back, Gopal Aggrawal and the village sarpanch's back)

Tour Guide: Self explaining the intricacies of an early Haihaya sculptor to the Chhattisgarhi superhero, Anuj Sharma (seen here in his underpants) and the BAG correspondent, Ardhendu Mukherjee

9 comments (टिप्पणी):

Akash said...

Lovely sights man !!

Our chhattisgarh is full of such nice places.

Anonymous said...

An evening in 'Tala Village'

Rupesh said...

Its amazing as well surprising that we do have such resources.Thanks amit for sharing the above snaps also best wishes for your upcoming Birthday, infact my bday is also on 7th of august.

Sanjeet Tripathi said...

बढ़िया तस्वीरें!!

शुक्रिया अपने बिताए पलों को हमसे साझा करने के लिए!!

Anonymous said...

Ram Ram Amit, me haa gaon ke photo (In Picasa - blog) dekh ke arbad khus ho gev. Moro gaon ke yaad aa ge .. ye so Dewari mein Bharat aaye ke karykram he. (This year planing to come India). Ahhha Gaon ke maati ke mahak, chulaha (clay stove) mein bane saag au khhapurri roti (Rice chapati), ka baat he, ka suwad (test) hai goan ke khana me .. chal tahu aa hamar gaon Chinwari .. 2 din ke karyakram bana.
Gopesh Sahu

Tiger said...

I have been reading your blog since a long long time.. From the begining till now..

All i can say..

A very very well presented and interesting blog.. Nice Pictures too.. seems to me a very beautiful place..

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us..

Keep Writing..



ritesh said...

Hi Amit bhaiya,
Thanks for sharing lovely pictures of Tala. i have been reading your blogs and articles since long now, Amit Sir, u r just gr8 when it comes to writing, u r fabulous. u r vocabulary is impacceble, u r presentation is much better then professional journalists and writers. u r articles has moulded me to a different faith or u can say to an opposite political faith. you have born leadership quality.u r way of expression is adorable and rare. we need such leaders in our political system. we need u.

Anonymous said...

takhatpur me adykha prsident ke liye ashok thakur ka chayn takhatpur ke voter ki aawaaj hay
kongresh jan takhatpur

PN Subramanian said...

Good photographs. The one you are pointing out is not a Haihaya sculpture. This complex dates back to the 6th Century AD and of Sharabhpuria (Amararyakula) Dynasti. A king named Prasannamatra needs to be credited for this edifice.

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