Sunday, April 15, 2007

Eleven Things I Love Most About The Chhattisgarhi Summer

1. Buckets of chilled water filled with small sucking mangoes (choosni aam)

2. Drizzles that make earth smell like heaven

3. How the speed of life turns to slow motion

4. Afternoon siestas

5. Pre-dawn strolls across the countryside & late night drives to nowhere

6. Rhythmic whir of a ceiling fan as it slices lazily through the still air (beats the silent humming of a modern air-conditioner anytime)

7. Endlessly soaking about in a water-body (pond, pool at the foot of a waterfall, rivulet), like a water-buffalo

8. Constant complaining about the heat & plotting retreats to the hills- that seldom materialize

9. Cold, cold water from an earthen pot

10. Bohar bhaaji cooked in curd with fresh raw-mango chutney

11. Sleeping naked in wet white cotton bedsheets under clear, starry-skies in open-courtyards of old homes (thandi saféd chhadaron mein jage der tak, baithé rahein tassaworein jana kiyé huyé, dil dhoondta hai fir wohi fursat ke raat din…)


8 comments (टिप्पणी):

Sanjeet Tripathi said...

बहुत सही, खूब लिखा आपने

Anonymous said...

Excellent Amit Bhai,,

You have actually portrayed the feelings of a true Chhattisgarhiya heart living far away....

Thanks a ton..

Ujjwal Deepak
(on email)


Anonymous said...

hiya AJ.......Good to see you active again.Howz Mr.Jogi (Sr.) feeling now? hope he is better.

what is "Bohar Bhhajji" put a picture of the dish please.haven;t seen or heard of it.


Hitendra said...

good post at a good time.
but raipur summers aren't that romantic. villages are cool, raipur is very very hot.

Anonymous said...

sounds very romantic but is it possible with raipur city choking to the pollution coming out of the sponge iron units? with land mafia taking over each and every inch of raipur where do you think people have a leisurely walk in the evening?


Mohit Singhania said...

Nice post bhaiya. But sadly nothing is the same in here (atleast in Raipur) anymore. For instance, I tried getting the best of mangoes here and all of them were tasteless and sour. This has been happening for the last two years. I have forgotten when I last ate good ripe mangoes. Next, Raipur has become unbearably hot as someone mentioned. Thanks to the infinite sponge iron plants and various industries who give a damn about the ecological balance. And I would love to taste that bhaaji wala dish. I suppose you have tasted "Baasi" though ? That is something worth mentioning in your post as well.

And whatever happens, I am still sure that Raipur will suck in summers like it always does. I miss Ooty terribly.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Amit Jogi,

I found your writing very interesting. In a way, quite a few things that u wrote took me down the memory lane as I too have spent many summers in CG where my parental home is located.


P Baiga

Anonymous said...

Just got here from nowhere.

I must say I am impressed. And being honest, I am surprised that you maintain a blog. Surprised becus I dont really hold high opinion of politicians, if you know what I mean. Great song at the end.

Way to go!

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