Friday, January 12, 2007

Video: My First Speech in Chhattisgarhi

delivered on 18.12.2006 at birgaon, distt. raipur, chhattisgarh, on the occasion of Baba Guru Ghasidas's 250th birth anniversary. seated left to right: shailesh nitin trivedi (pol. secy. to ajit jogi), seema verma (Zila Panchayat member), satyanarayan sharma (MLA), self, omprakash dewangan (president, birgaon nagar palika).

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back AJ

Didnt understand the video dialect but it seemed that you were quite fluent,confident and able to generate applause.

Congratsulations on "new found love" When are we hearing about the wedding plan?


Anonymous said...

Amazing ! You are delevering in chhattisgarhi .Very confidently.
But you have to improve the accent .
I trust you and belive in you .

wish you all the best .


amit tiwari said...

Rattling oration, that too in our indigenous lingual dialect.

Plaudits !

ps :-I hope u will tutor me too in the same :)

Anonymous said...

Check this out. Sir ji its Awsome

Anonymous said...

hi bhaiya ji
thank u 4 ur inspiring words.absolutely ur right ,we r not as weak as others thinks.
how was the grand occassion "baba ji jayanti at chakravay organised by Mr. D.P. GHRITLAHRE ji.i think it was grand 4 our society to gather at one place and celebrate the babas jayanti.

Anonymous said...


tor bhashan la chhattisgarhi me sun ke ekdam maza aage... Purani basti Birgaon ke Ghasidaas Jayanti ke bhashan la koi youtube me rakhe haabe .. me ha sunat rehenv . badhiya laagise ..

Anonymous said...

Hey Amit, Just watched ur video on Guru Ghasidas Jayanti Samaroh...bhai ..politics mein apanaa long time career banana hae ...toh bataanaa.. I have come from the root of Chhattishgarh ...I have met ur dad personaly 3-4 times. First time when he was DM, and came to my village..i was really young..then in my railly ...when he was CM ...I went to meet him with MLA from Pallari..we talked for about 10 minute..i know none of this will be in his memory.

My Point is..I respect a lot many good things ur dad have done..So i hope things will be coming in good way for you... Keep posted.....i will be in CG someday..I do some work..which is very nominal mostly on Education and Society.

Om Baghel

judge said...
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