Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Film Recommendation: LAGÉ RAHO MUNNABHAI

Every once in a while, there comes a movie which makes you feel good about yourself: suddenly, the possibility that we can all be better human beings becomes all so real, if only for the next two days. And then, when the feeling seems to be getting stale- movies after all are make-believe- you go again and watch that film. Over and over again.

Frank Capra did it with Mr Smith Goes To Washington and The Lost Horizon. Spielberg worked that magic by reviving the child in all of us with ET. More recently, there was As Good As It Gets. But that's Hollywood. In European cinema, Kieslowski's Three Colors trilogy stands out. Such films are rarer still in India, more so Bollywood. Hrishikesh Mukherjee's Anand was definitely one such film. Now, after a gap of over three decades comes Lage Raho Munnabhai.

I will not discuss the film here. But if you do not leave whatever it is you're doing and rush to the nearest cinema-hall near you, then you are really missing out on one helluva an experience.

Remember: don't walk. RUN!


Post Script:

For a full film review by this blogger, click HERE.

7 comments (टिप्पणी):

Anonymous said...

The Best Bollywood Film in Recent Times-
Rarely does a film touch one's heart. But this is one such rarity. No words can describe the feeling. One has to see it to experience it and feel it.


Anonymous said...

A Nod In Agreement-
Really a funny movie..Perfect way to spread Gandhian principles.
Gandhi again being remembered after a long long time although thru a film.
Good movie & a must watch.


Anonymous said...

I watched the movie last night and just as i couldnt wait to watch this one, I cant wait to watch the next. i'm eager to see what munnabhai does to george bush:)

Film, in general, performs a variety of functions and like Tarantino once said (something to the tune of) when a thousand people watch my movie, i hope a thousand different movies are being watched... or some such thing i cant quite remember the exact words. When i watch films like Munnabhai I can see how different people experience a different movie. I know for sure that if the film doesn't change ur moral and social outlook, the least i will do is entertain you.

I can see how munnabhai has, to a great extent, moved the youth by bringing Gandhi to people who've read about him and what he believed in a hundred times in NCERT textbooks, but didn't really care or understand the message this dhoti-clad chappie was trying to get across. well most know the things he said, some know the exact words he used, but i can see how it's difficult to comprehend these things without them being put in a way in which one can associate them with ones own life. It's the sort of 'spoon-feeding' us Indians need and depend on so badly.

I am happy to see the effect it's had on the CWC and I sincerely hope something good comes out of it and that it's not one of those things everyone's all hyped up about for exactly 3 days.


Unknown said...

LRMB and the Congress Working Committee: RESURRECTING GANDHI

For those who loved LMRB, you'd be happy to note that it was discussed at great length at the CWC (Congress Working Committee) meeting this evening: it was unanimously agreed that the film "is playing a pivotal role in communicating the Mahatma's message to the younger generation of the nation." It was further suggested by certain leaders that its reach be widened so that the rural youth, especially those who do not have access to cinemas, can also watch it.

LRMB: Tax-free
Consequent to the discussion in the CWC, LRMB has been made tax-free (i.e., the Government has waived the entertainment tax) so that more and more people can watch it: I believe it is a step in the right direction.


Anonymous said...

It is good that Gandhigiri was discussed at CWC. Good to see Congress coming back to Gandhiji. But the assumption(if there is any) that people will connect gandhigiri to Congress after it is a hit again in Indian masses, is not going to come true. Though all rights are with the party for taking benefit of what it inherits, the party at the same time should itself learn gandhigiri again.

How many Congress leaders, or let me say CWC members, would dare to live among pooreres same as Bapu did, how many of them could take inspiration from instances like withdrawal of "Non-Cooperation Mocemnet" after the Chourie-Choura event, and would gurranty that from now, politics of congress would be flawless, it would stop issueing tickets to criminals, despite other parties cntinure it.
Or can we now see more and more congress leaders traveling by Second Class(if not third) Railway coaches(Impractical!)

Can we see CWC discussing on ways to popularise Gandhigiri first among the Congressmen and then among the masses?

Marketing and exploitation of oppurtunities is O.K., but LRMB has touched the hearts of people immotionaly, let us hope it does the same with those who claim to be our leaders.


Anonymous said...

One of the good movies ever seen............presenting the ideologies of Gandhiji in the context of modern world..........a really beautiful work of vinod chopra.
The suggestion of CWC also appreciable. The idealogies of Gandhiji if followed....will lead to an ideal society, society free of rivals, disputes..and overall it would lead to a strong, independent economy.....employemnt for all,etc.
Thnx Amit for promoting the movie.


Anonymous said...


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