Saturday, August 05, 2006


The flood situation in Konta shows no signs of improving: Kawasi Lakma, MLA- who left Raipur last afternoon aboard the state helicopter, 'Maina'- is grounded at Jagdalpur circuit house; the IAF aircraft arrived at Raipur from Allahabad last evening. A full aerial-assessment of the flood-situation will be possible only when the weather clears. All roads, including the national highway, are blocked due to floods. As a matter of fact, it has become impossible to even go beyond Kondagaon because of flooding of the Eeb river, a tributary of the Indravati. Consequently all supply-lines to the 17 SJ base-camps have become clogged: essential supplies are in short-supply, and if rations etc don't reach soon, there will be an outbreak of famine. As of now, more than 60,000 tribals are in these base-camps. Several villagers are reported to have been washed-away. For all facts and purposes, the region has become an island. It is extremely important that rations and other essential supplies be air-dropped today, and surface supply-lines restored. A much better option would be getting aid in from the Andhra-side, through Bhadrachalam and Vishakapatnam airport. This state administration, as of yesterday, lacked any coherent contingency plan to meet the situation. Things are bound to be worse in the so-called 'liberated' areas. This natural calamity combined with the already ongoing human tragedy makes for a catastrophe of unprecedented proportions.

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